Funding for Trails that Connect People, Communities, and Destinations

$1 million available for right-of-way, planning, design, or construction.

Greater Philadelphia is building the Circuit Trails, an 800-plus mile network of multi-use trails spanning the metropolitan region. Currently, about 373 miles of this network are complete, 68 miles are in progress, and 387 miles are in some stage of planning.

DVRPC’s commitment to making trails happen is part of our vision for the region’s transportation system — one that is safe and modern and fosters greater opportunities for all.

New Funding Available

DVRPC is pleased to announce a funding opportunity through the Regional Trails Program. With the generous support of the William Penn Foundation, up to $1 million is available to acquire right-of-way, plan, design, or construct Circuit Trails, trailheads, gateways, and neighborhood connections. 

This round of funding is specifically for historically and currently underserved communities. Projects need to be located wholly or partially within a Census Tract that has an above average concentration of at least one of the following communities: Ethnic Minority, Foreign-Born, Limited English Proficiency, Low Income, and/or Racial Minority. Applicants can use DVRPC’s Equity Analysis map to identify these Census Tracts. Municipalities, counties, state agencies, and nonprofits in DVRPC’s nine-county region with projects in geographies meeting this criteria are eligible for awards of up to $100,000 with no match required. 

This open call for applications closes on Thursday, November 10, 2022.