Schuylkill Highlands Initiatives and Goals
Throughout the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, large regions are working together to drive strategic investment and actions around sustainability, conservation, community revitalization, and recreational projects.

Known as the Conservation Landscape Initiative, these collaborations are developing in landscapes where there are strong natural assets, local readiness and buy-in, and state-level investment support. Several state agencies, local governments, funders, and non-profits have worked strategically and collaboratively on the ground for several years in seven CLIs to develop this value-driven, place-based approach.

In the spirit of the Conservation Landscape Initiative, The Schuylkill Highlands Conservation Landscape Initiative integrates the inspiration and action of many local, county and state government partners, land trusts, and nonprofit organizations of the region. The partnership devotes its attention and expertise to protecting and preserving this critical landscape in a manner that will enable its vibrant sustainable economic future. The partners have a deep commitment to working together in certain places of unsurpassed natural resource value.

The following goals guide the actions of the Schuylkill Highlands Conservation Landscape Initiative:

Through these landscapes initiatives, The Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources is working closely with partners and communities on issues such as:
Conserving land
Protecting greenways
Creating walking and biking trails
Protecting habitats
Reducing forest fragmentation
Encouraging sustainable development

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Goal 1:
Schuylkill Highlands Regional Trail Plan

Create an Interconnected Regional Trail Network to Destinations and Gateways to increase recreational opportunities and connect residents and visitors to the outdoors and regional heritage sites in the Schuylkill Highlands landscape.

Goal 2:
Schuylkill Highlands Compatible Economic Development Plan

Encouraging Sustainable Development that Respects the Cultural, Historic, Recreational and Natural Resources of the Schuylkill Highlands.

Goal 3:
Schuylkill Highlands Greenway Plan

Conserve, Protect, Restore and Steward Lands, Watersheds, Greenways, and Habitats.

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Regional Trail Plan…

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Schuylkill Highlands Mini-Grant Program

To assist in advancing targeted project work within the region that support the goals and vision, the Schuylkill Highlands administers a mini-grant program available to municipalities, non-profits, watershed associations, and friends groups with a tax exempt 501(c)(3) status..

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